Film / Animation

Film and animation are our passion. We love to tell stories with images that move people. The great thing about it: we won't set any limits. No technical limits. No creative limits. Our multidisciplinary team can draw on abundant resources and is eager to embrace unconventional ways, whether for TV, corporate media or documentaries.
These diverse challenges are exactly what push us to new heights and ultimately they allow us to surprise you, every time.

Client BMW
AGENCY VOK DAMS Agentur für Events & Live-Marketing

CONCEPTION & CREATIVE DIRECTION Barbara Barth, Maria Brandenburg
3D ARTISTS Tobias Hoffmann, Bianca Schauer Spieß, Dejan Andric,
Dennis Tiege, Johannes Kollender, Philipp Dollinger
COMPOSITING ARTISTS Jakob Saretz, Sebastian Faber, Uwe Malomy
GRADING Andereas Piecher
PRODUCER Jack Donald
MUSIC/COMPOSITION Hans Steingen, Bignoise

Film / Animation

BMW Vision Next 100 – The Movie

How to bring another milestone on the road.


As part of the opening ceremony for the "BMW – The Next 100 Years" anniversary celebration; BMW has designed a visionary concept that goes way beyond being just a show car.
We were asked to develop and produce a CGI film for the "BMW Vision Next 100". The film should showcase not only the look but also the functionality, the technical features, in an attractive and never seen before way. To this end the Vision Vehicle in the film stands for the attributes of the BMW brand: future-oriented, versatile, visionary and innovative. Furthermore, the film premiere of the "BMW Vision Next 100" should crown the celebration as the final element of the show.


In coordination with a comprehensive book of material swatches and the technical specifications, the vehicle is constructed as a 3D model in collaboration with the BMW Design and Development Team and then driven through a future landscape by a real driver.


Over the course of several months we get closer to the final film in distinctly different stages of development:

- Mood boards evoke the atmosphere and emotions that the film should convey

- Style frames illustrate the different aspects of, for example, the two driving modes

- An animatic previews the story, the order of events and determines the timeline


The film transports the new perspective of the BMW slogan "Sheer driving pleasure": from the Ultimate Driving Machine to the Ultimate Driver. For the staging of the film that means: a harmonious interactive relationship between driver and car and a future landscape.


Film / Animation

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