2D, 3DVFXLive action & VR

congaz is a creative
media production company
in Düsseldorf
and Berlin.

Project Overview

IAA Communication 2017

The future. What does it feel like? For the IAA 2017 congaz transformed the future into an experience for all senses. SEE, FEEL, TASTE, HEAR, TOUCH – or simply experience the future!

Global Training experience smart Electic Drive 2017 360° Video

Hop on and enjoy this seamless 360° smart Electric Drive through the living city of Valencia. We turned 160 heads in 8 different d̶̶i̶̶r̶̶e̶̶c̶̶t̶̶i̶̶o̶̶n̶̶s̶ languages and now it's your turn to join the ride.

BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100

If you are wondering what we did here with this self-balancing beauty, the answer is simple: Just everything it required.

Daimler "Startup Autobahn"

Start-ups have different stories. And sometimes they become a unicorn, rare beasts of the business world.

Porsche Design Sport by Adidas

When an agency and the client call from London just to tell you that you can have unlimited fun while shooting a limited sneaker in Berlin, how could you possibly say no?

BMW Vision NEXT 100

The real ingredients here: an at the time non-existent car, a non-existent environment and a non-existing camera.

Wacom “Internet of Ink, IFA 2016”

Over the course of a long client relationship you inevitably become an extension of the client and develop an unconditional love and understanding. This close relationship has led to many projects and interesting challenges to solve, while keeping the brand ethos in mind.

Mille Miglia

This job started with super sleek 3D-animations of a watch. It ended in a whole short film noir car race.

RTL “Eventkino”

Obviously there is not just one cat ready to distract our 3D-Specialists while constructing the facades of every single building here.

Chivas “The Venture”

Since Chivas’ credo is: “Helping others will lead to your own success.”, they support entrepreneurs as in “Die Höhle der Löwen” (Shark Tank). Like we help people get connected to brands, we lined up and produced this TV commercial.

P&C Christmas 2017
Wacom “A World Alive With Creativity”
Maybelline Color Show
Roland “Raise your voice”
Coca-Cola Kurt die Kiste
Grippostad “Pinguin”
Braun “Infinity MQ7”
Sanella “Knopfkekse”
LÄTTA “Original”
VIO “Hasi”
Sprite “Freedom from thirst”
FANTA “Die letzte Fanta”
Kaufhof Shop Window Installation “Zahnrad”
McFit Logoanimation
DeFu “Corporate Video”
Coca Cola “Soundcheck”
Pepsi “BigPicture”
Desperados "Homeparty"
Happy Dog “Corporate Film”
Philips Light “How To's”
congaz “Hands” 3D Stereoscopy