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Project Overview

Porsche Press Conference Geneva International Motorshow 2017

Fasten your seatbelts for two completely different sport cars, sharing the typical Porsche DNA. Presented to the world press at the Geneva Motor Show 2017, they quickened even our pulse.

ŠKODA Geneva International Motor Show 2017 Press Conference & Trade fair loop

Škoda revealed two new models in front of the press and the public at the Geneva Motor Show 2017: Octavia RS and Octavia Scout. All eyes on the presentation of those unlike brothers.



Kaufhof Opening Ceremony

When fancy fashion, exclusive food, high heels and sexy lingerie having a get together it can only be next to the Kö in Düsseldorf.

ŠKODA “KODIAQ world premiere”

A car launch is much more than just one event. It’s an exciting year-long journey through different terrain.


When screens are bigger than ever before. When an iconic brand has its 100th anniversary and longs for perfection. When something has never been done before and when it takes another 100 years for the next wish to make it perfect.

VW Commercial Vehicles “World Dealer Congress”

Commercial vehicles are not really famous for small turning circles. So if you have a stage with no depth and want to make the cars move you'll need some extra skills.

Hess Club Leadership conference

Projection onto rocky and bumpy walls is not that ideal, even in a beautiful old Spanish trading house. Not when you pick the perfect illustration style and technology for it though.

Daimler Freightliner Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam, the perfect location for the premiere of the first street-legal autonomously driven truck. Two more stage débuts? Biggest projection screen in North America and highest light output.

Opening ceremony of the Olympic Games 2008, Beijing

The most important thing is not to win but to take part. Some awards later we thought that winning is at least quite as nice.

Kaufhof Shop Window Installation for Rimowa

Some windows in shopping arcades look big from the outside. But when you take a closer look, there is not much room behind them at all. Especially not for a train.

VW Press Conference, Beijing 2016
VW “Lamando”, Shanghai
Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Pre-Show & Press Conference
New Year’s Eve 2013, Dubai
VW Santana Launch, Wolfsburg
Daimler IAA Press Conference, Frankfurt
Daimler “Citan” world premiere
Bose Distributor Meeting Show, Paris
Fifty Fifty “Transparent man”
Mercedes Benz NAIAS Detroit Electro Car