congaz is a creative
media production company
in Düsseldorf.

Project Overview

MAN World Premiere

The MAN World Premiere consisted of two elements, a Sneak Preview Event in October 2019 and the Central Product Launch (CPL) in February 2020. The events took its viewers on an impressive visual and acoustic journey. Starting with a Sneak Preview in Munich in October 2019, we continued the exciting journey on the 10th and 11th of February with the Central Product Launch in Bilbao.

Telekom DigitalX

Digital X is the hotspot for digital innovation. Over 160 top speakers talk about and discus the future. From AI, internet of things, 3D-printing to AR. Sponsored by Telekom this event is the competence hub for innovation.




BMW iNext World Flight

5 Days. 4 Cities. 1 Car. The World Premiere of new BMW Vision iNext touches all senses in an almost impossible showroom: inside Lufthansa’s 777F Cargo Aircraft. Discover the future of mobility now.

VW Golf 8 World Premiere

Life happens with a Golf. The world premiere for Volkwagen’s Golf 8 in Wolfsburg was a great live event that included a celebrity packed red carpet, glamorous hosts and on-stage interviews. 

Porsche World Premiere Taycan

Canada, China, Germany. 2019 a stunning visual experience, inspired by sustainable energies, like wind, sun and water, marks the future for Porsche. The live-communication-project celebrated the new electric Porsche Taycan simultaneously on 3 continents.

Hyundai’s “Design Your Own World”

Autonomous driving can be so much fun. Six cocoons were the playground for the games, a 360° panoramic film presentation the environment, congaz added to Hyundai’s booth at this years Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.

Merck Curiosity Space

Darmstadt, Germany 2018. A curious building appears in the Merck Campus. A space where you can learn and have fun! We provided a spectrum of media content for this colorful installation, inspired by the company’s motto: be curious.

C&A Collection Room 2018

Inspired by the Muse: Texture landscapes in a continuous flow of imagery tell about the fantasies that led to the C&A Autumn Winter Collection 2018. The awakening dawn is accompanied by a deep and intense voice that portrays the muse.

BMW Formula E

Imagine to start a car race without a race car. To show the world the new BMW iFE vehicle without the vehicle. To transform metropolitan streets into racing tracks we created a virtual car double and made it move. 

Building Industry Bavaria Innovation Container

Digitization does not stop at construction sites: in an interactive container visitors playfully experience how the building industry will evolve in the future. 

Famab Award

It all started with an apple. For the visual design of the FAMAB Award 2017 congaz brought objects to life. Live performers interact with geometrical shapes, fluffy creatures connect with each other and an overall playful perspective made this evening a blast! 

De:Hub Websummit

The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) set up twelve hubs in Germany to strengthen the networking between startups and corporates. Together with RCKT congaz designed an AR application that illustrates the focus of every single hub. The AR experience was released at the web summit in Lissabon.

BMW Product and Brand Experience 2017

Working with the depth of the entire hall, the dynamic light architecture as dynamic stage element built the stage for the active driving reveal of the cars.

Porsche Cayenne IAA

From the surface to the core. The audience was taken on an emotional journey through the cars living worlds to the actual product reveal. An unusual staging for the new Porsche Cayenne at the 67th International Motor Show in Frankfurt.

Porsche Cayenne World Premiere

A symphony of talents, qualities, experiences and passion. A Symphony of life. Beautifully performed by an orchestra, artists and visual media. All the elements played together perfectly at the world premiere of the new Porsche Cayenne.

Klitschko Brand Event Elbphilharmonie

In the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, congaz developed and realised the presentation for the Visual Identity System of the KLITSCHKO brand. Over 25 years in professional boxing taught Wladimir Klitschko: whatever the challenge, you can handle it. Because you are the driving force.

Porsche Press Conference Geneva International Motorshow 2017

Fasten your seatbelts for two completely different sport cars, sharing the typical Porsche DNA. Presented to the world press at the Geneva Motor Show 2017, they quickened even our pulse.

ŠKODA Geneva International Motor Show Press Conference & Trade fair loop

Škoda revealed two new models in front of the press and the public at the Geneva Motor Show 2017: Octavia RS and Octavia Scout. All eyes on the presentation of those unlike brothers.



ŠKODA “KODIAQ world premiere”

A car launch is much more than just one event. It’s an exciting year-long journey through different terrain.


When screens are bigger than ever before. When an iconic brand has its 100th anniversary and longs for perfection. When something has never been done before and when it takes another 100 years for the next wish to make it perfect.

BMW Product and Brand Experience 2017
VW Commercial Vehicles “World Dealer Congress”
Kaufhof Opening Ceremony
Mercedes X Class Training
Hess Club Leadership conference
Opening ceremony of the Olympic Games 2008, Beijing
Daimler Freightliner Hoover Dam
Kaufhof Shop Window Installation for Rimowa
VW Press Conference, Beijing
VW “Lamando”, Shanghai
Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Pre-Show & Press Conference
New Year’s Eve 2013, Dubai
VW Santana Launch, Wolfsburg
Daimler IAA Press Conference, Frankfurt
Daimler “Citan” world premiere
Bose Distributor Meeting Show, Paris
Fifty Fifty “Transparent man”
Mercedes Benz NAIAS Detroit Electro Car